Squire Retrac 2

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The Retrac 2 is the perfect lock for someone looking to be safe when locking up to grab a quick snack or making a café pit-stop when out riding.

This mini handheld lock offers convenience and freedom, without the weight of a normal lock.

It is a perfect lock for someone on-the-go giving you peace of mind when grabbing those essential items en route to keep you going.

This works like a conventional tape measure style retraction, meaning it retracts compactly.

This lock offers an overall extended length of 600mm, the cable itself has a plastic coating meaning it will not scratch any paintwork.

Featuring a three wheel re-codable combination, choose a memorable code and lock with confidence.

Perfect for fitting in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.

  • 3 wheel re-codable combination lock.
  • Lock size is 70mm x 50mm
  • 600mm retractable cable
  • Available in Squire blue.