Our Recycling Mission

Ratcliffe Sports are working together with Cycle of Good & Velorim
to Recycle as much waste from bikes as possible.

We have a Drop off zone in store for you:
Inner Tubes - we accept inner tubes that do not contain slime for free.
Tyres - we recycle our own tyres & accept tyres at a 50p charge per tyre.
Bikes & Frames - we accept old broken down bikes for free.

Tubes Recycled


Tyres Recycled


Bicycles Recycled



How You Can Help

Its easier than you think to help.

Just bring in your old tubes - tyres - bicycles and we can stop these
items from going to landfill sites.

Our tubes get sent to Cycle of Good, a company that helps employ people from Malawi, these tailors then clean the tubes and hand craft them into new items that can be resold and reused over again.

Our tyres get sent to Velorim, a company that breaks down the components and recycles them.
Bicycle tyres are shredded and granulated to separate them into their constituent: rubber, steel and fibre. Each of these have their own recovery destinations including safety flooring, construction and insulation. The most exciting output is that the rubber will be reprocessed into viable new raw materials known as Velo-Butylene™ and Velo-SBR™, both of which can be used to manufacture new products.

Our Bicycles are stripped down by hand here at Ratcliffe Sports, good frames are cleaned up and built back up and donated to good causes around our town, charities - people in need and other companies that help do good. frames that are beyond repair get broken down into manageable pieces and then recycled into new products.